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I Did a Thing by IronhidesDaughter I Did a Thing :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 3 1 Children Record by IronhidesDaughter Children Record :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 1 0 Hot Water by IronhidesDaughter Hot Water :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 0 0 Art Comparison 2016 To 2017 by IronhidesDaughter Art Comparison 2016 To 2017 :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 3 2 Dad by IronhidesDaughter Dad :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 1 0
My mind is a place
That nightmares go
To be spooked on Halloween
It’s full of fighting
Its full of war
And then there’s me stuck in between
The depression that wants to die,
The anxiety that wants to hide
The energy and trusting soul
Once my best friends
Bleed leaned up next to me
It’s a scary place
My own brain
At times, for no reason I can’t breathe
But the funny thing about
A mind like mine,
Nightmares from me flee
:iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 0 2
Primesicle by IronhidesDaughter Primesicle :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 2 0 Firelight by IronhidesDaughter Firelight :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 1 3
Omni sighed, looking at the vast white plain stretching out from the window like it would never end.
The clouds were turning the very air grey with their heaviness, like threadbare sheet had been tossed over everything they could see.
It was strange.
She had stayed between realities for this very reason.
It was strange to like it, to be joyful at this season. It had always been the most stressful thing in existence.
But this was nice. The snow pattered down softly, the wind blew just loudly enough to make the crackling orange light of the fire seem more cozy than it had been
She heard Jack put more logs into the fireplace, yelping when he remembered fire was hot. John said something about tossing the logs in rather than carefully placing them where it seemed they fit best.
It was John’s fault really, and Jack’s. John had suggested that they all have the holidays together.
It wouldn’t be much. Just venison, and a warm fireplace to sit around and do whatever it was one
:iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 0 0
Reach You
I don’t know if this will ever reach you
And I am sure you won’t know it’s you if it does
But this morning
In the coffee shop
I had gotten my hot chocolate and had started to leave in
That tired haze that comes out of bad thoughts
And temptations to vanish
That last through the night
And leave dark bags and blank eyes and
A fuzzy warm sick feeling inside that presses away each breath
Who had only spoken to me a few times,
Once to comment worry for my flipflops in
This rather cold rainy weather,
Again, to like that beat up green jacket
My father gave me from his time in the navy
And again,
I’m too tired to remember why.
You who has so much energy
Enough to shout across the café before I stumbled out the door
“Hey, I hope you have a great day today!”
And then I lacked the courage and wherewithal
To do anything but jump, turn and duck my head with a squeaked out “You too!”
Which you probably did not hear.
Did you know how much
:iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 1 9
Nano Snippit
The young girl smiled as brightly as possible. She sat all alone on a bench. The people she was going with had already disappeared inside the building with the long line. They had gotten a pass so they could get into the faster line and it was pointless for her to bother with the long line, they had forgotten to tell her about that so she could try to get one too. That was okay, they had taken different buses. They were supposed to stay together anyways, and she couldn’t break that rule again because she had already gotten in trouble for being left behind twice that day. But she was a lone and they had lost her so it was her fault anyways.
She never had been good at being noticed.
She had wanted to go on this one though, had been looking forward to it. Probably more than she should have wanted it. But she smiled brightly because no one should cry in a place like this.
Maybe she wasn’t bright enough. A woman had whispered those words to the person sitting beside her.
It didn
:iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 0 2
Stitch Counting
Am I really so forgettable?
Am I the only one like this?
The only one who gets passed over like this?
Is there someone who can tell me
How to be remembered.
I don’t want to be some hero,
Or some villainess,
But it would be nice if someday I wasn’t
It’s something that I smile and joke
I say it’s perfectly okay
And count the stitches I’m knitting
Like that can stitch me up
Before I break again.
I can’t remember the first time it happened,
It’s just something I’ve always just lived with
When I was younger
And needed daycare after school
I remember watching everyone
Have their birthdays,
With wishes and gifts
But then it came and went
And all I had wanted was just a wish, and acknowledgment
That I had gotten older
But what could I say?
She must have had a lot to do then.
That’s normal now,
Even after all these years of being alive
I still can’t exist that day.
I laughed when the bus rolled past me
It’s funny see?
:iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 1 3
Just a poem by IronhidesDaughter Just a poem :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 1 2 Scarf for Roommate. by IronhidesDaughter Scarf for Roommate. :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 0 0 My Gift page 9 by IronhidesDaughter My Gift page 9 :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 2 5 My Gift page 8 by IronhidesDaughter My Gift page 8 :iconironhidesdaughter:IronhidesDaughter 2 0


Signatures on Art: Important - Please read
So today, I was sending art to a group of people I know, when I stumbled upon someone who said I was narcissistic, because I put my signature on all of my pieces. I proceeded to explain to them why we needed signatures, that it is to show that this art is your work and also for preventing art thefts. However, he completely disregarded the topic of art thefts and said that it doesn't matter if someone steals your art, that in the end it's just someone else making money off of your stuff and it won't effect you. That's when I started to get slightly mad, and I told them that professional artists depend on their art for money, and art thefts can seriously affect their income. However, they told me that I wouldn't know about money, and that I shouldn't swing around the topic of jobs, and told me that I should shut my mouth because I am fourteen and I shouldn't argue about these things with an adult. From then on he refused to even change his opinion the slightest amount, constantly abusing
:iconuniversallunatic:UniversalLunatic 14 25
Hello, Beautiful by Angel-of-Milkyway Hello, Beautiful :iconangel-of-milkyway:Angel-of-Milkyway 96 42 Babyformers by Angel-of-Milkyway Babyformers :iconangel-of-milkyway:Angel-of-Milkyway 32 33 Look out for static cling by zarla Look out for static cling :iconzarla:zarla 3,630 545 Charged with all these ions by zarla Charged with all these ions :iconzarla:zarla 3,130 433 at home with a ghost by zarla at home with a ghost :iconzarla:zarla 2,698 341
Doodle's Frequently Asked Questions
[Questions will be added as time goes on!]
DISCLAIMER: If you come to my page or anything I post and spread nothing but SALT about something that clearly wasn't asked or wanted, you will be blocked without question. I am so sick and tired of people starting fights on innocent and nice things because they want to start #drama when I, nor anyone else, asked for it.
It's one thing to start a discussion, it's another to assert a negative-ass thing and expect me to be completely fine with that nonsense.
What pronouns do you go by?
I personally prefer masculine pronouns, but I'm fine if someone calls me she/her!
Preferred: He/Him
Accepted: She/Her/They/Them

What can I call you?
I would appreciate it if people called me Doodle!
Doodle is both homage to my cat and how much I love to draw!

Where is your Activity section? I can't see it anywhere! Do you not update a lot?
'Ey kid lemme show ya a lil' somethin-somethin--
Ya see dis right here? *Gestures to the i
:iconpc-doodle:PC-Doodle 34 68
idefk by AngeloSaicrad idefk :iconangelosaicrad:AngeloSaicrad 1 0 Old me before i turned into a super gay memelord by AngeloSaicrad Old me before i turned into a super gay memelord :iconangelosaicrad:AngeloSaicrad 4 2
stamp commissions
Stamp Commissions
i tried making a stamp, and i absolutely loved making it,
so here i am, trying to make a profit
off of art - oops
this is a form commission.
meaning you choose from various options,
and i work from there.
Step One

choose a template for me
to make the stamp with!
some galleries with templates:
@/Gasara | @/Mirz123 | @/Lill-Devil-Melii

Step Two
what's the theme?
flags : 50 :points:
+ text - free
[link flag or make colors for flag]
pre-made images/videos/gifs : 25 :points:
+ text - 2 :points:
[link object]
one character : 125 :points:
+text - 5 :points:
[link character]
solid/minimal colors/design : 15 :points:
+text - 2 points
[link colors or brief description]
Step Three
no animation: 0 :points:
up-down / bounce: +7-12 :points:
[depending on the object]
:iconangelosaicrad:AngeloSaicrad 1 0
heart string by AngeloSaicrad heart string :iconangelosaicrad:AngeloSaicrad 13 2 heart string [@AS] by AngeloSaicrad heart string [@AS] :iconangelosaicrad:AngeloSaicrad 1 0 dont pay attention to this by AngeloSaicrad dont pay attention to this :iconangelosaicrad:AngeloSaicrad 1 0
Mature content
based on a true story :iconangelosaicrad:AngeloSaicrad 2 0
Devious Journal Entry
Chants and signs,
marching in time. 
:iconweaverofwords:Weaverofwords 1 0
There was a girl,
who loved her pencil.
It was a creamy light blue,
that held mechanical lead.
It had a rubber grip,
meant to prevent your fingers from hurting.
The mid section was see-through so you could see
the large, tightly coiled spring. 
It had a transparent piece of plastic,
on the side, near the top,
where you could stick the pencil onto a piece of paper.
It was a cheap pencil,
though it looked expensive; she had bought it at a dollar store.
She loved the pencil.
There was nothing she loved more than the pencil.
The girl was a good student,
attending school everyday,
and never late; she never brought
the pencil to school.
Every day,
when she came home,
she'd use the pencil.
Sometimes she used it for homework,
and other times,
drawing and writing.
The rubber grip on the pencil,
did not keep her fingers from hurting.
There were be bright red calluses
because she pressed so long and hard.
It was a pencil,
worth only two dollars and
seventy-five cents,
but she wrote poems tha
:iconangelosaicrad:AngeloSaicrad 2 0


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I Did a Thing
This is a character design for a book I have been working on for quite a while. And a panel in the comic (If I decide to go that route.) I tried something new with this one, and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. 
Anyways this is Omni (again) but from an earlier part of the story, before she got her other sweatshirt and grew her hair out.
Please be respectful of my work, it has taken me a long time to do just this panel, and I have worked on this whole universe/story thing for slightly over 10 years. (which makes me feel a little weird to think about)
Please say what you think of it, and thank you for looking!
Children Record
Turn it back around
Turn it back around

Song link: ;

Have a supper crappy five-am-i-still-have-homework-to-do-for-tomorrow-but-am-a-bit-too-worried sketch of Kido with some words on it. I think they and the song it comes from fits well today. 
I originally sketched this out right after the election. The song is all about holding on to hope, and standing up together. If you are in America right now I believe it's very relevant now. This is our generation, we have the capacity and the legal ability to not take shit from anyone in a peaceful manner. Fighting does nothing but hurt, but it looks damn bad if someone punches a pacifist. 
Please be safe. 
Please stay here.
We can turn it around. 
(I have heard too many bad things)
Hot Water
This is a character from a series I have been working at for about 10 years. Her name is Kalianna Storn and someone screwed up colossally. 
Art Comparison 2016 To 2017
I decided to redo a piece to see how far I've come with my style. The character is one from a series I've been working on for about 10 years. 
Ok, things are a little tight right now so I can't get the materials to do any commissions. On top of that I need to focus on school and a comic I've been working on for a long time. Long story short I can't do commissions after all.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a shy human. I hide in the void called my room (sadly I haven't found Gaster yet...) and knit, watch anime, and drink tea while wrapped up under a hoodie and a shawl, if I'm not doing that I'm probably working on one of two comic books. I like talking to folks, I just don't ever know what to say to them...


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